Two new Garmin smartwatches for women’s well-being

The two models are designed for an active, health-conscious female audience.

Garmin has announced Lily Classic and Lily Sport, two new smartwatches in a new product line dedicated to women’s well-being, focusing on design, technology and great data accuracy.

The Lily smartwatch has a 34 mm diameter monochrome LCD-TFT touchscreen display that is activated by a simple touch or movement of the wrist and turns off when not in use.

Both smartwatches monitor seven sports activities: walking, running, cardio, breathing exercises, yoga, pilates and others that can be added via the Garmin Connect app. Thanks to the Move IQ function, developed by Garmin, the smartwatches automatically recognise the start of physical activity. Both are waterproof up to 5 atmospheres and can be used in water, but not for diving.

The main difference between the two watches is the presence of an anodised aluminium bezel on the Sport version, while on the Classic version we find stainless steel and the silicone strap is replaced by an Italian leather one with metal inserts. The interchangeable strap is only 14 mm wide and is attached to the case via a rather elegant T-shaped clasp.

The smartwatches detect numerous vital parameters: breathing, blood oxygenation via Pulse Ox technology, developed in collaboration with Stanford University, menstrual cycle and pregnancy tracking, stress level, heart rate, sleep patterns.

In both models it is possible to receive calls, notifications from the various apps, view the calendar as well as the weather. Due to the small size of the case, there is no GPS. To record the position data, it is therefore necessary to connect it to the smartphone. It is also possible to send a request for help to useful pre-set contacts by sending an SMS with the geolocation data.

The smartwatches connect to the Garmin Connect app, available for Android and iOS, which allows the display of graphs and data collected. The claimed autonomy is up to five days.

Both models are already on the market and available in different colours. The Sport series is priced at €199.99, while the Classic is on sale for €249.99.

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