A device for eye care

MistGo, is an ophthalmic drug delivery system that ensures the right dose and release into the cornea of the eye.

Ophthalmic drugs are usually administered through drip dispensers which are inaccurate, ineffective and uncomfortable, which is why EYEGO, a Danish startup, invented MistGo.

The device contains a high precision micropump that delivers a dose of only 6µl, which corresponds to the cornea’s optimal absorption capacity and does not cause excess liquid that irritates the skin.

An eye-pointing interface makes it easy to accurately and precisely infuse the drug into the cornea without having to tilt the head into an unnatural position or accidentally touch the eye with the device.

The internal geometry of the nozzle is optimised to vaporise the liquid in a fine mist, which is much more comfortable and relaxing than a single dense drop in the eye.

The procedure is really simple: you rotate the top of the device, point it at your eye and then press the release button. This pushes the compressed air that gently delivers the full dose into the cornea before the eye can even blink.

The device has an airtight cartridge inside which contains the preservative-free liquid required for operation. It lasts for at least 6 months from the time the device is put into use. A smart indicator on the back of the device shows the level of liquid left, so you know when it is time to refill.

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