A bracelet to avoid touching your face

Nudge is a wearable device that recognizes when you move your hand towards your face. It vibrates subtly and lights up to count the number of times it has happened.

Nudge uses neural network programming combined with advanced artificial intelligence to determine and detect movement. It can recognise over 1,000 hand and arm gestures.

Whether it’s scratching a spot, biting your nails, moving your hair away from your cheek, touching your chin, pinching your nose or rubbing your eye, you don’t realise how many times you can spread germs from your hands to your face. (It is likely that you have already touched your face a few times on reading this article and haven’t even noticed).

Nudge, through its vibrations, helps to notice when you touch your face and with time helps to stop doing so, thus breaking this insane habit. According to the manufacturers of the device, it only takes three or four weeks of use to notice a big difference in the number of times you touch your face.

Nudge works without the need to download apps or calibrate. It needs to be recharged every two days and it takes about four hours to restore full autonomy.

The bracelet can be worn on both wrists, but research studies have shown that people touch their face more often with the non-dominant hand where it is advisable to wear it.

The bracelet is available in five colours and can also be purchased online at a cost of £49.95.

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