WHO publishes a guide on how to integrate digital interventions into health programmes

The guide complements the WHO guideline with recommendations on digital interventions for health system strengthening.

The 170-page document aims to help governments and technology partners plan a digital health implementation that focuses on one or more programs in support of national health system objectives.

The guide is designed to guide users of the document step by step through the planning, costing and implementation of digital interventions within a healthcare company.

The guide explains how to select digital interventions so that they are aligned to identified health needs, appropriate to the specific context of a country and integrated with existing technologies and the broader digital architecture.

Users of the guide will learn from different experiences of using digital health technologies over the last decade and will be guided through a systematic approach to the design, costing and implementation of digital interventions.

The guide consists of nine chapters that deal with the definition of objectives, the digital context, financial and operational considerations.

The guide is interesting and worthy of an in-depth reading. Those who wish to do so can consult the document in English here: Digital Implementation Investment Guide (DIIG) Integrating Digital Interventions into Health Programmes-eng

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