Apple and Google: contact tracing is now a feature of the operating system

Apple and Google are refining their COVID-19 contact tracing framework.

With the update of iOS 13.7, the “Exposure Notifications Express” function has been released: it sends, in the states where the service will be activated, a push notification with the possibility to choose the Bluetooth contact tracking system. If users agree, the function will be activated without the need to download an application developed by public health.

A similar feature will be available for Android devices later this month. However, the activation will be slightly different. The notification will send users to a download page for the contact tracing app.

In both platforms, Exposure Notifications Express will reduce the time public health authorities will have to spend in developing, implementing and maintaining a contact tracing application, Apple and Google representatives said.

The companies have stated that this technology, on both platforms, will not collect user identification data. The operating systems are fully interoperable with each other and with custom applications already existing or under development with exposure notifications.

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