Uber now delivers drugs

Uber Health extends its activities by starting the delivery of pharmaceutical products through a partnership with the on-demand digital prescription platform NimbleRx.

The partnership is currently active in Seattle and Dallas, but Uber plans to extend the service in the coming months.

Now more than ever, it is critical that people receive their medicines safely and efficiently, and in recent months we have seen a significant increase in demand for delivery of medicines from both consumers and retail pharmacies,” said Talha Sattar, Founder and CEO of Nimble. “Thanks to this partnership with Uber Health, we are able to dramatically increase our ability to deliver an essential product such as drugs on demand, which is leading to a further increase in demand in all markets where we are already active.

Uber Health was launched in 2018 with a service aimed at healthcare companies to book trips to transport their patients. Last year Uber Health signed a partnership with Henry Schein Medical that allows doctors using Medpod’s telediagnostic platform to send a qualified professional to a patient or a patient in a clinic to perform a remote examination.

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