Epidemics do not know borders: let’s create a European epidemiological network

Imagine fighting current and future epidemics by delegating the collection and management of epidemiological data to local and regional health authorities and regions does not make sense: we need a common European action.

The partial collection of information on infected people and clusters carried out with Excel spreadsheets or, in the best cases, with local software (at ASL or regional level) does not allow to have a complete and detailed picture of the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic, nor to carry out in-depth studies on the mode of transmission and the effectiveness of treatments.

We need a dedicated system that can collect and track cases, manage clusters (outbreaks), record clinical data and outcomes. It should be a European, multilingual, secure cloud-based system with differentiated functional profiles.

The system should then, in order to avoid being a separate island from the clinical and management systems of the various countries and regions, be based on a service architecture and support the main integration standards, primarily HL7 FHIR.

We have already lost several months of time. We cannot afford to face the second wave, already underway, still with the same tools we used in the first one.

We need a modern, effective and united European digital healthcare.

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