A record-breaking merger in the US telemedicine market

Teladoc Health merges with Livongo which is valued at $18.5 billion.

Teladoc is a company that provides television services, while Livongo health management programs for people with chronic diseases, including diabetes.

The operation is designed to provide “assistance to the whole person” in innovative ways. The companies have stated that this merger will help to offer a more comprehensive view of prevention, as the companies will integrate Livongo’s coaching services within Teladoc’s virtual support network.

Thanks to the agreement Teladoc will have a very large number of customers. The companies have stated that their combined customer base has only 25% overlap and that together they will cover over 70 million people.

Teladoc will support the expansion of Livongo’s business abroad. New programs will also be developed for congestive heart failure, chronic renal failure, musculoskeletal disorders and COPD.

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