Implementing Value-Based Health Care in Europe

Today I suggest you an interesting paper that EIT Health has published on Value Based HealthCare (VBHC) in Europe.

The document aims to help define a common language on high value care in Europe and to represent a framework on VBHC in Europe.

For the preparation of this report, the authors conducted more than 240 interviews with experts from 22 European countries, involving more than 30 leading medical centers.

The document is intended for:

  • The professionals who drive change every day towards higher and higher value assistance. The report contains multiple inspiration and insights on the topic, as well as success stories that represent possible models.
  • Innovators who aspire to provide new “solutions” and who can, through the report, gain a greater understanding of the needs and what innovation “value” means.
  • Policy makers who are interested in driving much needed system change, who would like to build international connections and better understand how pilot experiences could be scaled up and made systemic.

The authors hope that this report will stimulate the debate on high-value care and how to accelerate its development; this debate must embrace various sectors and disciplines.

Those who want to read the document can find it here: Implementing-Value-Based-Healthcare-In-Europe

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