Diagnose the COVID-19 through the voice


The University of Cambridge has launched research into the diagnosis of Coronavirus through coughing and voice.

The aim of the research is to collect data to develop learning machine algorithms for the diagnosis of COVID-19 based mainly on the sounds of voice, breathing and coughing.

To enable this research, the University of Cambridge is launching a large-scale data collection, from healthy and non-healthy people, through an application. The application will collect some basic demographic and anamnestic data through a questionnaire, as well as some voice samples (while reading the text on the screen) and a few seconds of breathing and coughing through the smartphone microphone. The app will also ask if you are or have been positive for the virus.

The app will also ask to geo-localize the user only when it is in use. The data will be stored on the University’s servers and will be used exclusively for research purposes. The University plans to release the collected data set to other researchers after the initial analysis. The app will not give medical advice and will not respond to any reports of symptoms from medical care.

Android and iOS apps have not been released yet, but there is a web app running at this address.

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