Telesurveillance and telemonitoring for persons under home surveillance in the Lazio Region

LAZIODOCTORCOVIDIn Lazio Region is active since yesterday the app “LAZIO DOCTOR COVID” that allows quick and immediate monitoring of people in home surveillance.

The app has been created by the Region, in collaboration with general practitioners, and with the order of the President N. Z00009 of 17/03/2020 it has been formally recognized “as a consultation/information tool for all citizens and as a telesurveillance and telemonitoring tool for patients under evaluation because they are exposed to the risk of contagion and for positive COVID 19 patients, for whom home isolation has been ordered.”

The app is dedicated to all operators who are required to take care of patients in isolation at home, including not only General Practitioners (GPs) and Family Paediatricians, but also Doctors of Continuing Care (MCA) and operators of Public Health and Hygiene Services (SISP).

The app is currently available on the Google Play app store and on Apple’s app store. More information and updates are available on the app page on the Regional Health System website.

To accompany the use of the system, via app or online access (alternative channel for professionals only), the Procedure for Telesurveillance and Home Telemonitoring has been drawn up, in which they are clearly defined:

  • the different types of citizens targeted by the service, and the functionalities they can access,
  • the methods of enrolment and use of advanced tele-surveillance, television and telemonitoring services by the various operators.

The following completing the intervention in the Ordinance:

  • given mandate to the Companies to equip SISP and MCA operators with computer stations with internet connection, webcam and microphone,
  • requested General Practitioners associated in Primary Care Units (UCP) or Free Choice Paediatricians associated in Paediatric Primary Care Units (UCPP) to identify a COVID referent to whom to provide the Individual Protection Devices, necessary in case of home medical examination.

The new app is accompanied by an online service for epidemiological monitoring that the Region has activated in recent days with the ordinance N. Z00005 of 09/03/2020.

The service “I AM IN LAZIO”, allows people coming from outside to fill out and send an online questionnaire, and thus to fulfill the obligation to declare the reasons for the move (proven work needs, situations of necessity, obligations related to the fulfillment of a duty, health reasons).

Mariangela Contenti

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