Project Baseline, Google’s website for the Coronavirus


After Donald Trump’s announcement, then Verily’s denial, then Google’s clarification, the site where those who fear being infected by the Coronavirus can request the test is finally online.

However, this possibility is currently limited to residents in Santa Clara and San Mateo counties of California. To access the control, you must have a Google account, be 18 years of age or older, be a U.S. resident and located in one of the two counties, be able to read and speak English and sign an authorization form.

The user must then answer questions about certain symptoms (fever, cough, breathing difficulties) and then, if the answer is yes, get an appointment to take the test.

At the moment there seem to be no appointments available, probably due to the high number of hits the site has had in the first few hours since it was put online.

It is not known if and when the service will be extended to other areas of the United States.


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