Digital weapons against Coronavirus: the solution of ASL Lanciano Vasto Chieti

ASL Chieti recall

The Coronavirus is fought not only with the typical medical resources and tools, but also with digital technologies. In recent days two new solutions have been developed.

The first one, developed with Tombolini & Associati, a startup in the Marche region, in collaboration with FIMMG, is an interactive guide to help citizens meet their obligations under regional ordinances (i.e. communication for reporting entry into Abruzzo from areas at risk) and to perform a self-assessment to understand how to behave in case of symptoms or possible risk of Coronavirus infection.

The guide, through the citizens’ answers, indicates whether to call your general practitioner, contact the toll-free number or simply stay at home.

App COVID Chieti

The second solution concerns an automatic system that is able to monitor by telephone patients who are under fiduciary home surveillance, the so-called “quarantine” for the Coronavirus.

The system contacts patients at home twice a day and allows them, by answering a few simple questions, to communicate their state of health, possible symptoms and body temperature, as well as any need to be called back by a doctor from the Public Health and Hygiene Service.


The system provides these operators with a dashboard and an alert system that allows them to manage a large number of patients with less difficulty and more effectively, and thus organise the flow of calls to be made.

In consideration of the emergency, and in respect of the values of solidarity and collaboration with other companies and health institutions, ASL Lanciano Vasto Chieti offers for free, in reuse, (that has been developed) that solution which is based on a recall system designed and implemented by the company I-Tel.


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