A VR viewer for patients in quarantine for Coronavirus


Sheba Medical Center is collaborating with XRHealth to offer virtual reality (VR) remote health care services to coronavirus-exposed patients who are quarantined in the hospital, and to monitor their return home.

“The ability to wear a headset, lie back, relax, and virtually visit extraordinary places will help patients cope with feelings of isolation during the quarantine. Our VR treatment platform also has therapeutic programs to help manage stress and anxiety, which are important aspects for coronavirus patients,” said Eran Orr, CEO of XRHealth.

Sheba Medical Center will use telemedicine as a primary means to interact and treat those patients who have had exposure to the COVID-19 virus, while they remain in a specialized quarantine area on campus. Using various technologies, including VR headphones, Sheba staff will be able to continuously monitor quarantined people while maintaining very limited physical contact.

XRHealth was recently the first company to create virtual reality clinics for remote health care in the United States. As of March 15, VR-certified doctors from XRHealth will provide care in ten states, with more in the coming months.

XRHealth uses virtual reality to rehabilitate patients through an immersive and engaging experience in the comfort of their own home. XRHealth combines therapeutic software with VR technology solutions for a variety of health conditions. VR therapy transports patients into an environment where they can see and experience the treatment as a fun activity, increasing patient participation in prescribed therapeutic treatments.

Sheba Medical Center announced last November a partnership with XRHealth to create a fully VR-based hospital that will use the company’s technology in each department.

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