An app to inform and fight the fear of the coronavirus

Source: Buoy Health

Buoy Health, an American company that developed a symptoms checker, has updated this tool to treat the coronavirus. Buoy Health has collaborated with researchers at HealthMap, a digital epidemiology tool developed by a team at Boston Children’s Hospital.

HealthMap has worked on tracking the new coronavirus from the beginning and has experience in tracking the spread of disease. HealthMap, which has existed for 15 years, collects online information from sites, social media, chat rooms, with the aim of identifying the first signs of disease.

Buoy Health is a health-focused chatbot that helps people interpret their symptoms and suggests the level of care they should seek. The development team then worked to add coronavirus symptoms and provide information to combat people’s fear.

The developers then applied the Center for Disease Control (CDC) infectious disease rules to their artificial intelligence engine. Today, Buoy users can get information about the coronavirus by answering some questions about their health condition, travel and other factors.

The chatbot collects this information which is then returned to the CDC so that its researchers can get more details about the development of the disease and its symptoms.

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