Test: How smart is your software?


Find out with us whether the system you use is smart or not by answering ten simple questions.

Give each of the following questions a critical grade from zero to ten.


  1. Usefulness. What is your software used for? How useful is it for your work? Does it help you remember things to do? Does it make you work better (quality – appropriateness)?
  2. Pro-activity. Is your software a simple tool for recording data, maybe for someone else? Does it alert you on aspects that deserve your attention? How much does it respond and anticipate your work processes?
  3. Self-configured, learn by use. Is your software able to analyse your habits and configure itself accordingly (how a browser does, offering you the most visited sites, for example)? In other words, is the user interface static or dynamic?
  4. Ease of use. How much training and education does your software require to be used? Can a new user use it without reading a manual or being trained by someone?
  5. Access. How easy and immediate is it to access your software? Can you do it through fingerprints (not very useful for those who work with gloves), voice, facial recognition?
  6. Usability. How can your software be used? With the mouse only? With touch screens too? With voice, without interacting with any physical device?
  7. Integration. How integrated is your software? Do you need to re-enter data that is already present on or has been detected by other devices or that can be calculated – inferred?
  8. Error prevention. How much does your software help you prevent errors? Only those related to typing or also those related to data interpretation or to your decisions?
  9. Availability. On which devices can your software be used (PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones)? Is it optimized for each of them? Does it require a local installation
  10. Analysis capabilities. Does your software allow you to analyse the data it collects or that you have introduced? Does it only process information or can it suggest correlations, phenomena, criticalities?


  • 0 to 30. I’m sorry, but you have a stupid, useless software. If there is no specific obligation to use it, maybe it would be better to do without it.
  • 31 to 50. You’re average, though that’s no great consolation. There is plenty of room for improvement, although you would have to change your software to get it.
  • From 51 to 75. You have quite smart software to accompany you in your work. There are several areas for improvement, but they are not always easy to achieve without a change in technology.
  • Over 75. Your software/system is smart and is the state-of-the-art of today’s technologies. But they rapidly evolve, and you need to start thinking about their renewal in order to stay up to date.

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