New technologies to measure and evaluate wounds


The measurement, evaluation and treatment of wounds are very important in several clinical areas.

WoundViewer is a technology developed by Omnidermal, an Italian startup, to automatically provide the operator with all the clinical parameters necessary to evaluate and monitor the pathological status of skin ulcers, from tissue segmentation and ulcer classification, to wound area, volume and depth.


WoundViewer consists of a medical device, an app, a cloud system and an artificial intelligence algorithm. The device has a CMOS camera, 4 white LEDs and 16 IR sensors that, thanks to the proprietary algorithm, allow to recognize area variations of 0.2 cm² and 1 mm thick. The device is equipped with a touch screen, 2 USB ports, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 4G interfaces.

With WoundViewer you can monitor, document and classify a wound in just 2 minutes, compared to about 20 minutes if you perform the process manually., a company that produces its own urine analysis system based on smartphones, has developed a new product for the management and monitoring of wounds.

The new instrument, registered with the FDA in December, uses a smartphone application and two calibration sticks.


The nurses place the calibration sticks around the wound area and then scan the wound area with the smartphone. The technology can provide a wound measurement and build a 3D image. Nurses can also enter the app with the administered treatment plan and information about wound type, pain level, odor and other factors. The technology is CE marked and is currently used at a medical centre in the UK.

Swift Medical has developed technology that captures wound information via smartphone. The application analyzes the wound using proprietary machine vision algorithms and is able to determine the depth of the wound. The information can then be sent to the electronic medical record or to the Swift dashboard, which includes wound care data. The technology requires no physical contact and reduces the risk of contamination.

swift medical

Tissue Analytics has developed an application for smartphones and tablets that uses artificial intelligence and machine vision to measure and identify a wound based on a five-second video with a 5% margin of error.


The application integrates with major US electronic health records through the SMART-on-FHIR protocol.

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