All the latest digital health news from CES 2020 – part two: apps and devices


We continue to illustrate the applications and devices that were presented at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Oral Hygiene


Oral-B rolled out its new Oral-B iO connected toothbrush and its corresponding app. Using pressure sensor technology and a visual display on the handle, the device is able to give users real-time analysis of their brushing. The app also includes seven personalized brushing modes.


Philips has launched a new system called BrushSmart, which is created in collaboration with Delta Dental of California. The system includes a toothbrush that is able to collect and share real-time brushing data. As part of the program, users will get free brush heads while Philips and Sonicare will get additional data.

Sleep and rest


With a focus on sleep health, Sleep Number rolled out its Sleep Number Climate 360 smart bed. The bed allows users to adjust mattress temperature, as well as the hardness or softness of the mattress. In a corresponding app, users can view monthly wellness reports, sleep circadian analytics and a heart rate variability measurement.



The OrCam Hear uses a video lens and artificial intelligence to help the hearing impaired identify who within a crowd is speaking to them. Worn around the neck as a pendant, the device observes a speaker’s body gestures and other cues, isolates the subject’s voice and streams it in real-time to the wearer’s Bluetooth hearing aids.

Heard that

Singular Hearing is releasing a new artificial intelligence-powered hearing app dubbed HeardThat. The app uses an algorithm to help separate speech from background noise.

Diagnostics – measurement


Olive Healthcare launched a new belly fat scanner dubbed Bello. The new technology, which landed a CES Innovation Award, uses near-infrared lights to track a stomach’s fat composition. It is also able to give users an overall health score.


Elvie announced a new insights analysis feature for its smart breast pumps that will provide users with a data-based breakdown of their pumping sessions. Through the connected app, users can receive an overview on their total time spent using the pump, total volume of milk pumped and the average volume of milk expressed during 10-minute sessions.


Aidar Health will be unveiling its latest product called MouthLab, which acts as a digital thermometer but is able to access a slew of other vitals as well, such as temperature, pulse rate and heart rate.


The Roo Prenatal Heartbeat Monitor is a connected in-home device that listens, replays and records an unborn baby’s heartbeat. Powered by Hubble Connected, the device is primarily controlled through the connected app, but can also be integrated with an Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Home devices


The Mateo Smart Bathroom Mat connects to a smartphone or connected mirror coaching app to help individuals monitor their weight and posture. Using “medical-grade pressure sensing technology,” the system is able to recognize individual users and their histories to better recommend nutrition pointers and exercises.

care poseidon

CareOS Poseidon is an in-home smart mirror that focuses on personal hygiene, skincare and wellness. Alongside makeup application features, the mirror tracks and analyzes the user’s skin health, encourage teeth brushing and other hygiene activities, and supports the health monitoring features other CareOS smart home products.

care@home_seniorsEssence Group has unveiled a new multi-sensor fall detection system for seniors. Built on Texas Instrument radar technology, the specialized API fits into Essence’s Care@Home senior monitoring platform, which places a number of integrated devices and wearables around the home to identify seniors’ physical activity, safety and physical or verbal panic.


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