All the latest digital health news from CES 2020 – part one: wearables



There are so many digital health applications, technologies and devices that were presented at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Here are the main ones:




Medirom, a healthtech company based in Japan, has announced that at CES 2020 it will be working with MATRIX Industries, a Silicon Valley material science company, to deliver the world’s first health monitoring smartband that never requires charging. Named MOTHER, this smartband will enable users in the US and Japan to monitor their health activities 24-7.

Ebb Therapeutics Cooling Technology

Ebb Therapeutics presented a headband that improves the quality of sleep. The device uses precise cooling to “reduce metabolic activity in the frontal cortex.” The headband, which is filled with fluid, is enabled with a cooling algorithm to optimize sleep during the night.


Japanese company Xenoma unveiled a new line of smart pajamas and loungewear. The new tech promises to monitor sleep and activity levels, as well as when a person has slipped or fallen. This builds on the company’s existing products, which include a smart tracksuit and shirt.


Textile Computing company Myant showcased its Skiin Connected Health & Wellness System. The system includes a line of smart underwear that can monitor a users’ ECG, stress level, sleep quality, activity and temperature.


Hearing tech company Eargo launched its fourth generation connected hearing device called Neo HiFi. The new tool offers increased band with feedback cancellation and a noise reduction algorithm designed to help improve performance processing speech while outside. The companion app lets users adjust noise levels and share reports with Eargo’s team. Neo HiFi is aimed at adults with mild-to-severe high-frequency hearing loss.


Embr launched a new wearable that helps a user feel five degrees hotter or colder. Users can press a button to feel a cool or warm sensation on their wrist, which the company says can be linked to changing a user’s perception of overall temperature.


Sana Health was designed to help with chronic pain. Its technology includes a headset that uses neurowave stimulation from light and sound to reduce pain.

Nanit Sleeping Bag

Baby monitoring company Nanit introduced a new wearable dubbed the Nanit Sleeping Bag, a fabric wearable designed to help monitor an infant’s breathing. The new product is meant to be used with the company’s Nanit Plus nursery camera, which can read the distinctive patterns on the infant’s sleeping bag and monitor their breathing in real time.


Wearable company Reliefband Technologies unveiled two new smartwatches called Reliefband Travel and Reliefband Sports, which are designed to help prevent and treat nausea and vomiting. The company said the technology could help with a number of nausea related conditions including anxiety, hangovers, migraines, motion sickness, chemotherapy and morning sickness. The FDA-cleared product uses a programmed pulse “with a highly specific waveform, frequency, and intensity to stimulate the median nerve on the underside of the wrist.” This pulse is then used to block the waves of nausea produced by the stomach.

The company is also showing off a prototype version of its Reliefband Sport that can instead be attached to the Apple Watch.


Valencell launched a new blood pressure sensor system that can be integrated into hearables or wearables. The new system uses photoplethysmography and inertial sensors. Currently the company is working with its strategic partner Sonion on a version of the technology for hearing aids.


French company URGOTECH launched its new sleep-focused product URGOnight. The new offering, which includes an EEG headband and app, was developed to help users with daytime sleep training. The technology uses neruofeedback therapy to train the brain to produce brainwaves associated with sleep.


IEVA has launched a new smartwatch that helps users monitor environmentall factors, like temperature, humidity, sun exposure, luminosity, noise, indoor and outdoor pollution levels, heat rate and activity. The wearable, which is marketed as both a health and beauty product, will also give users education about how environmental factors contribute to aging.


Lumi by Pampers — a collaboration between the diaper company, Verily and Logitech — is an infant monitoring system that combines an HD video, audio, temperature and humidity tracker; an activity tracker that attaches to special diapers and a connected app. The platform provides parents with a quick read on their child’s sleep, diaper activity, feeding and more, and includes in-app educational content developed in partnership with pediatricians and baby development groups.


EEG headband maker Muse is back with another version of its sleep and meditation product, the Muse S. The new connected headset is lighter than the previous one, has a longer battery life, wraps a comfort-fit fabric around the whole head and most notably supports the company’s “Go-to-Sleep Journeys” — responsive voice and sound-based audio programs that help lull the wearer into rest.

philips headband

On the sleep from, Philips has unveiled the second generation of its SmartSleep Deep Sleep Headband. The device’s standout features include a smaller and lighter designed, updated app, soothing sounds to help the user fall asleep and a smart alarm that awakens them during an ideal phase of their sleep cycle.

to be continued

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