Amazon Alexa remembers to take medication

Amazon presented a new feature of Alexa that helps people remember to take their medications and request new pack when they finish.

The function, which aims to improve the therapeutic adherence of drugs, accesses, with the user’s consent, to its prescriptions in pharmacies and sends reminders when to take medicines and when to request a new pack.

This new function is the result of Amazon’s collaboration with Omnicell, a company specialising in the management of pharmacological therapies. Initially, the function will be available to customers of Giant Eagle Pharmacy, a chain of pharmacies in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Indiana and Maryland.

Amazon plans to extend the service next year to other pharmacy chains if the function is appreciated by users.

Danny Sanchez, Vice President and General Manager of Population Health Solutions at Omnicell, commented: “Integration with Amazon Alexa allows patients to manage their drugs simply by using their voices, making the elderly more independent. This new technology is just the beginning, as we are studying other drug related functions that are simple and easy to use with voice devices“.

To comply with its security and privacy policies, Amazon has put in place measures to ensure that only the user can access its prescription data.

This is an interesting use of voice recognition technologies and intelligent speakers that could be extended to many other functions related to health management.

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