The first family tele-doctor in Spiegelberg, Germany


In Spiegelberg, Baden-Württemberg, the first German doctorless telesurgery was opened.

In many rural areas of Germany there is a shortage of family doctors. When they retire, the studies remain empty.

This was also the case with the town of Spiegelberg in the Rems-Murr district of Baden-Württemberg. Spiegelberg, with its 2000 inhabitants, is located on the “Idyllische Straße”. In 2013, the general practitioner resigned from his post. In the same year the pharmacy also closed down.

For two years, with a provisional agreement, another general practitioner practiced in the outpatient clinic, then the doctor’s office was closed.
Since early November, Spiegelberg has been the home of the first German medical practice “Without a Doctor Practice”. That’s how TeleMedicon’s supplier in Heidelberg calls its “Rural Center for Remote Treatment and Diagnostics”. This was created in the existing clinic and, in fact, is not really “without a doctor”.

The doctor, in this case, is Dr. Jens Steinat in Oppenweiler, about ten kilometers far away. The study will initially be managed as a research project, with scientific support and evaluation in the next two years by the municipality of Spiegelberg, which will provide the clinic.

The service is provided through a hardware platform and telemedicine software that allows you to visit patients remotely. It is a pilot project to test the effectiveness and sustainability of this practice, which in the future could guarantee medical care in rural areas.

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