Withings enters the B2B market with a new division and two professional solutions


Withings Med Pro is the new B2B division that debuts with the launch of two solutions for professionals and telemedicine service companies.

Withings Med Pro Data is a turnkey data collection solution that allows third parties to deploy Withings devices in certain scenarios and collect, analyze and visualize data within their own software and application environments. At the heart of Withings is a software development kit that allows the Withings backend architecture to integrate directly into a partner’s technology infrastructure.

Withings Med Pro Data has been developed to meet the needs of healthcare companies, telemedicine companies and research centres. The Withings Med Pro team creates individual programs for partners.

To allow patients who are not familiar with intelligent devices to use the solution, Withings has created the Withing Data Hub, a cellular gateway that can be placed anywhere and allows you to use Withings devices without Wi-Fi or smartphones. The plug and play solution allows the devices to operate without any installation and transmits data directly to the Withings services via a cellular connection.

Withings Med Pro Care is a remote patient monitoring (RPM) platform. It facilitates real-time data monitoring of multiple patients and facilitates the flow of information between care teams and their caregivers.

Inside the interactive dashboards, physicians can view aggregate and individual patient data in real-time. Doctors can customize the parameters of the health data they want to track, the frequency with which they receive information and alerts. The solution allows clinicians to set alarms and relevant associated actions and supports collaboration with healthcare professionals by sharing notes and activities.

This news follows a similar announcement by Sony some days ago and indicates a very interesting trend, namely the entry into the field of large producers with the offer of professional telemonitoring platforms. This phenomenon impacts on a market that until now has been the prerogative of small companies that develop telemedicine solutions, sometimes handmade and that will have to compete with technological giants.

This is a transformation that testifies to the maturation of the telemedicine market, both in the USA and internationally. What will happen? Will there still be room for small enterprises or will they have to convert into implementers of industrial solutions?

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