Amazon acquires Health Navigator, thus entering the market of digital content and services for medicine

After PillPack, Amazon acquired Health Navigator, a company that develops Evidence Based medical digital content and services.

Health Navigator produces digital content and provides services through a platform and APIs that can be called up from electronic health records, call center and patient support systems, telemedicine systems and, more generally, any area where there is an interaction with patients. The platform includes several modules and functions.

The Health Navigator After Care Instructions (ACIs) provide health information and care advice for telehealth patients. These telephone triage guidelines, authored by Drs. Barton Schmitt and David Thompson, are used by medical call centers and thousands of doctors’ offices across North America. The ACI topics reflect over 20 years of use and testing in nurse advice lines and in consumer symptom checkers.


The Triage Engine calculates a triage score and a level of care recommendation for use in consumer health bots and triage symptom checker applications. Based on user-entered symptoms, the Triage Engine provides answers to consumer questions such as: “do I need to see a doctor? How serious might this be? When and where should I go for care?” Factors that are considered include the chief complaint(s), age, gender, symptom severity and duration, known medical problems, and other clinical findings.


The Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine is a unique technology designed to function and act much like a physician or nurse would when listening to a patient.

This technology takes the words people use to describe their symptoms and converts them into meaningful medical information that can be utilized by digital health applications and medical providers.


Clinical Documentation Support helps the physician in the preparation of clinical documentation by providing the right questions to ask the patient for medical history collection, emergency screening and priority setting, symptoms checker or Health Bot.


Coded Chief Complaints is a standardized clinical vocabulary that provides a coded reason for the taxonomy of the visit, which can be used in digital health care assistants (symptom controllers and health bots), electronic health records, applications for medical call centres and telemedicine systems.

Built into the Health Navigator database is a very extensive list of Internet resources (25,000+) comprised of non-commercial websites that are linked to the 2,800+ Clinical Concepts. There are also over 7,200 references in the database, many with a direct link to the reference through a PubMedIC. These references provide the evidence-base for the clinical decision making.

Amazon will integrate Health Navigator into its Care service which is aimed at its employees.

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