A mobile 6-lead ECG heart monitor


Kardia Mobile 6L is a 6-lead pocket electrocardiograph that will be distributed in Europe from October 1.

Kardia Mobile 6L is thinner than a credit card and is powered by a button-shaped battery that ensures 200 hours of duration. The device performs 300 samples per second with a resolution of 14 bits. It works through an app for iOS and Android smartphones and is able to detect atrial fibrillation with an accuracy of 97%, bradycardia and tachycardia.

Using Kardia Mobile 6L is very simple and affordable for everyone. Simply open the app, press “Record ECG”, place the device on the bottom of the leg with the single electrode facing the skin and touch the two electrodes on the front side with your thumbs. The ECG recording takes 30 seconds.


The app allows you to share the ECG with your doctor and store your ECGs. Kardia Mobile 6L is certified as a CE and FDA medical device.

The device, which has a cost of 195 euros, can be pre-ordered since now. Deliveries will start on October 1,


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