Are you anxious, tired, stressed or sad? In London, the NHS takes care of you with apps


Good Thinking is an initiative launched in November 2017 for anyone living or working in London. So far, over 220,000 Londoners have used Good Thinking to deal with sleep, anxiety, stress and depression.

The service is free to Londoners thanks to the London NHS, City Council and Public Health England. Good Thinking consists of over 120 online resources, including wellness information sources, mental health improvement guides, on and offline courses, mobile applications and other therapeutic approaches suitable for London’s modern and highly mobile population.

At the moment there are four apps completely free to Londoners, while others are paid for:

MyCognition Pro, a cognitive fitness program accredited by the NHS that, when used 15 minutes a day, optimizes cognitive health so you can better focus, store and make accurate decisions faster

My Possible Self, a Mental Health App has been clinically proven to improve the mental health and wellbeing of people living with stress, anxiety and low mood

Be Mindful, an online course to reduce stress, depression and anxiety by learning to practice awareness in everyday life

Sleepio, a digital sleep enhancement program to help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer and wake up fresher.

It’s an innovative approach that’s enjoying good success and that’s expanding more and more with new content and new apps.

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