Investors’ interest in digital health continued in the second quarter of 2019

In the first half of the year, digital health startups raised a total of $4.2 billion in 180 transactions.

If this rate remains constant, the industry is on track to reach $8.4 billion by the end of the year and could even break the 2018 funding record.

Investments in the first half of 2019 are in line with the steady growth trend of annual harvesting since 2011. Despite some year-on-year changes, the financing environment remains fundamentally unchanged from recent years. Approximately 30% of financing in the first half of 2019 went to large (over $100 million) mega deals.

Several sectors attracted the largest investments:

  • the fitness and services for companies, such as Gympass, 300 million dollars, which creates an app to allow companies to provide their employees with fitness services, such as gyms, Tonal (device with AI for fitness), Noom (58, diets, fitness) etc.,
  • medical services to patients, such as Tecent Trusted Doctor (250 million, e-commerce bookings), DocPlanner (90, online bookings), Talkspace (50, mental health checkups), Everly Well (50, lab tests), DispacthHealth (33, home visits), Zava (32, telemedicine), Carbon (30, visit bookings) and more,
  • services and solutions for chronic management, adherence to therapy, such as Omada Health (73 million, digital coaching for chronic diseases), Vida Health (30, digital therapeutics), Welkin (17.5, diabetes), Pillo Health (11, dispenser of drugs), etc.
  • wearable as Cala Health (50 million, neuromodulation therapy), Bardy Diagnostic (35.5, cardiac activity sensor), Biofourmis (35, biomarkers),

They also received funding startup providing apps and medical devices for monitoring fertility in women, checking prescriptions, tips and information for specific types of patients.

Many startups use IA technologies for the development of AI-based tools to support diagnostic imaging, predictive analysis of medical data and clinical decisions support.

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