A hi-tech dress to monitor babies’ sleep and breathing

Baby-focused tech company Nanit released a new line of infant clothing called Breathing Wear that, when combined with its smart camera and app, lets new parents keep tabs on their child’s sleep and breathing patterns.

The camera, placed above the baby’s crib, is able to interpret the customized pattern on the baby’s clothing item, and translate that into a breathing pattern. This information is then sent to the caregiver’s smartphone or tablet.

Nanit also markets clothing for babies with sensors and a bandage that is suitable for children up to two years old.

The baby tech industry is having a great development, so much that the biggest consumer technology fair, the CES, had an entire section dedicated to this subject.

Nanit is not the only digital health company focused on child monitoring. Owlet sells an intelligent sock, Smart Socks, which measures the baby’s heart rate and oxygen level. Additionally, Sproutling launched an ankle wearable that helps monitor a baby’s heartbeat and sleeping position.

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