New version of LOINC published


Version 2.66 contains 91,388 terms, an increase of 2,117 over version 2.65.

Overall, the new version includes 606 new laboratory terms, 325 new clinical terms and 1,186 new survey terms. There are 3,703 deprecated terms, of which 649 from version 2.65. In addition, about 4,150 terms have been modified.

Among the novelties of the new version is the LOINC Change Snapshot File in which are present, in structured form, the main changes of the new release.

Another new feature is the Consumer Name File. This file contains a number of revised and expanded names for LOINC terms, designed to be easier for patients to understand and suitable for display in patient-oriented applications. All laboratory LOINC terms and a subset of clinical LOINC terms are currently available.

More information on the changes and novelties of LONIC 2.66 can be found here.


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