A watch that monitors health

Among the products present at the HIMSS EU conference, a watch caught my attention.

The smartwatch is produced by Navigil, a Finnish company that made a wristwatch for health and wellness.

The Navigil 580 is able to control heart rate, breathing rate, body temperature, physical activity, sleep and geographical position thanks to an integrated GPS.

It is possible, with an application, to define an area and launch a warning if the person leaves or enters an area. Mini beacons can also be used to detect the position inside closed buildings, such as a house, so as to identify which room the person is in, for example.

The smartwatch also has a help button. The alarm function can also be activated automatically in the event of a fall or loss of consciousness. With the Navigil, you can communicate verbally with a family member or an emergency worker.

The smartwatch is aimed at both self-sufficient people and people with degenerative neurological diseases, so that family members can control them remotely. The autonomy is four weeks.

The watch is available in different colours.

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