Artificial Intelligence stars at HIMSS EU conference

Among the many forms of innovation present at the European HIMSS conference, Artificial Intelligence (AI) played a leading role.

In the field of diagnostics, Machine Learning and Pattern Image Recognition are emerging technologies to enhance the capacity of equipment and software. The main players in the sector, such as GE, Philips, Agfa and others, are working to provide not only high quality images, videos and sounds but real diagnoses.

In addition to the traditional suppliers of the sector, IT companies are also working in this area, trying to exploit new AI technologies to carve out a space for themselves in the field of diagnostics or analysis. Also in the Italian pavilion of the conference there were two companies involved in this sense: Santer Laife and Almaviva.

The AI is applied in every field. In small diagnostic devices, such as the StethoMe intelligent stethoscope, which is soon to be used on adults, in smartwatches that control more and more parameters, which we will discuss in a future post, in clinical software.

The applications of AI for extracting and encoding information from clinical documents or for recognizing voice and allowing precise voice reporting are also becoming increasingly important.

AI, applied to decision support systems, is the basis of new Population Health Management systems to support Value Based Healthcare. Compared to traditional business intelligence, we are facing a significant qualitative leap.

Finally, there are many startups engaged in creating applications to improve patient engagement and self-care.

In the next few days we will look in depth at the most interesting news and solutions.

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