Apple introduces hearing protection and menstrual control to WatchOS

The new version of the smartwatch operating system adds two new health-related features.

The new noise application uses the Watch microphone to detect noise levels and sends a notification if it has reached a level that can affect hearing over time. Because the watch is always on your wrist, it is in an ideal position to monitor environmental noise. Touching the application can give you more details.

Last Thursday, Apple also updated the iPhone and hearing aid information page, explaining how hearing aids can work with an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Devices can be paired with the user’s hearing instruments and controlled through the device. The Apple device allows the user to view the battery life, adjust the volume of the hearing instruments and turn on the music.

Apple also introduced the new trend feature, which allows users to track nine fitness metrics and then compare the behavior of past activities with current levels.

Finally, the company announced a new feature for women who can enter information about their menstrual cycle and receive notifications about their cycle in the future. The feature allows you to record key aspects of your menstrual cycle and fertility, including symptoms, and be alerted when it is about to begin.

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