Apps that help cancer patients.


Oncology patients and their caregivers can benefit from apps that improve their condition. Let’s see some of them.

chemoWave is an application for chemotherapy patients interested in better managing treatments, symptoms and side effects. It is available for iOS and Android smartphones and is completely free.

The application was developed by Treatment Technologies & Insights after its co-founder, Matt Lashey, was in therapy for a non-Hodgkins lymphoma. The purpose of the application is to support patients and caregivers and enable them to manage all major aspects of treatment, including medication, meals, symptoms, side effects.

The application allows patients undergoing chemotherapy to log a number of activities that may be affecting their overall condition, such as water consumption, exercise, medication and entertainment. When paired with information about their treatment, symptoms severity and emotional well-being, the data application can be easily shared with health professionals. These data are also analysed by the app to create personalised insights and suggestions that can help the patients reduce their discomfort and improve their health.

The service also comes with a selection of other tools to assist patients, including a medication management and adherence system and a magazine to help users document their thoughts and questions.

The application is available in English and Spanish.

OncoPower is an oncology patient platform launched by Witty Healthy that uses blockchain technology to help patients track their clinical data between different specialists and healthcare providers.


The purpose of the platform is to enable patients to store their clinical data using blockchain technology and to share this data with doctors, family members or caregivers. Physicians can also chronologically record the treatment plans, guidelines and treatment of their patients.

The platform also includes a community of users to allow patients to share their experiences and establish new emotional connections within the family and community.

Users can earn cryptocurrency incentives, called Onco, in a portfolio similar to a health savings account. The platform also enables smart-contracts between payers-providers, payers-patients, and payer-pharmaceuticals. Patients can get monetary rewards for adhering to their treatment regime, as well as through providing content and data, like symptoms. Further, providers can receive Onco by posting content, which is then reviewed and rated. The Oncos can then be used for services that have been voted on by the community.


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  1. Natasha Leone 5 Nov 2020 / 16:03

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