Voice based digital assistant for practitioners

Denver-based startup Sopris Health launched yesterday the latest version of its mobile, artificial intelligence-powered clinical documentation system.

Sopris Assistant is a mobile application which guides practitioners through the composition of a clinical note and imports it into the EHR system in less than a minute.

The application is based on a chat-like interface driven by artificial intelligence. Sopris Assistant suggests a series of simple question prompts that, often, don’t require more than a word or two of response from the clinician. What’s more, users can choose whether to speak the answers to each question, type them out or select from a collection of likely responses.

The application designers have therefore created a hybrid voice and screen interface so that the user can decide how he wants to respond. The application has only a couple of screens and a very simple interface.

The drafting of clinical documentation is a task that takes a lot of time away from doctors who often live this task in a stressful way. It is therefore no wonder that several startups are receiving important funding and working in this field.

Sopris is just one of the solutions to facilitate and simplify the drafting of clinical documentation. IKS Health has developed Scribble, a virtual scribe that has recently been employed by the Massachusetts General Physicians Organization, where it saved some doctors over two hours per clinical session. Scribble is a writing system associated with a physician virtual assistant, able to read the audio recording of an examination and produce the clinical report.


Suki is a digital assistant based on artificial intelligence that helps doctors in the drafting of clinical documentation, such as Saykara and Notable that work through smart watch.

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