Increasingly precise sensors to control sleep and sleep apnea at night


Withings, the French manufacturer of health devices and apps, has updated its sleep sensor mat with new capabilities that track breathing disturbances throughout a night’s sleep and could eventually warn users of sleep apnea.

The function of breathing disorders records, during the night, the respiratory rate, the heart rate, the movement and the snoring. The disorders are presented chronologically, classified by severity and accompanied by educational content, as well as suggestions to require professional care, if appropriate. This function is awaiting approval by FDA and CE.

Withings which, in addition to the sleep sensor mat, also supports sleep monitoring through its wearable devices, is not the only company that is working on the recognition of sleep apnea. For example, Beddr has developed a sensor and entered into a partnership with Verily, while ResMed is developing a line of products for apnea.

Nocturnal apnea causes daytime sleepiness, fatigue and can compromise an individual’s cardiovascular health, diabetes, weight and mental health. According to the National Sleep Foundation, more than 22 million Americans suffer from nocturnal apnea; of these four out of five are unaware that they have this disease.

The aim of these sensors and the apps that manage them is to allow people to monitor the intensity of breathing disorders, so as to help them identify the symptoms of this disease and get an early diagnosis.

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