Caring children playing

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KidPRO is an application developed by DataArt addressing children involved in a clinical trial to make this experience fun and rewarding.

The application combines a professional medical software with gamification elements and a simple user interface to make it attractive to children.

At the heart of the application is an animated cartoon character that a child plays and interacts with. That character cares about the child’s state of health, confirms their condition and reminds them about their medication. By completing trial activities (filling in a diary, answering surveys, visiting doctors, taking medication), the child receives rewards that can be used to customize the animated character and modify the environment.

The rewards act as a positive behaviour support system, and the customization strengthens the bond between child and character, further aiding that goal. Even in cases where a parent and the child work together using KidPRO, the user interface will make it a rewarding experience for both.

Behind the simple interface there is a solid ePRO system, with all information about subjects aggregated on a server, along with doctor’s and parent’s notes, available for research groups to digest the results and control trials process.

Patients can use their own iOS devices, by installing it from the app store, and logging in with an account, they are enrolled in a trial.

KidPRO has been awarded the Med-tech Innovation Award 2019 in the IT & Communication category.

It is a good example of how to create an app for empowerment and engagement of children that could be applied not only in clinical trials but, more generally, in the care of children chronic patients.

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