“Second Skin Day”, a conference on Internet of Body

Schermata 2019-03-06 alle 17.33.35

The Pervasive Electromagnetics Lab at Tor Vergata University of Rome has organized for March 26 the “Second Skin Day”, a workshop on bio-integrated wireless systems for monitoring the epidermis and restoring tactile functions.

Human skin is a natural interface with the outside world capable of converting tactile stimuli into perceptions and our psycho-physical state into heat and chemical compounds.
SECOND SKIN technology will allow the skin to exchange data wirelessly with the internet, enhancing its sensory capabilities and enabling new services of sustainable care and assistance to the person.

The workshop will describe new electronic epidermal devices, in the form of thin membranes to be applied to the skin such as bands or tattoos. The first prototypes and their possible applications for health monitoring in the hospital, home and sports sectors will be shown, as well as the potentialities that can be enabled by future 5th generation (5G) communication networks.

At the end of the morning an interactive demonstration of systems already developed in the initial phase of the project will be available.

The conference will be held on March 26, 10 am, at the University Tor Vergata, Macroarea of Engineering, Congress Center- Via del Politecnico 1 – Rome. For attending you need a free registration here.


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