Medicus, an app which explains the medical report

Raise your hand to whoever, after receiving a report, did not read the results and wondered what they meant. Medicus is an app that answers these questions.

Based on an artificial intelligence platform, Medicus explains and interprets blood tests and medical reports to provide personalized health advice, recommendations and lifestyle tips.

Medicus is free and can be installed on iOS and Android devices. The first time you launch the app, it asks a series of questions to profile the user. These include birth date, sex, race, country of residence (to select relevant guidelines), weight, height, blood pressure and some information about your lifestyle and health conditions.

With this information the app provides advice and recommendations on lifestyle and prevention, suggesting for example to periodically perform some tests or to contact a doctor if you are not already followed for some aspect (for example, if the blood pressure is high the app invites you to visit a doctor).

The most interesting function is the reading of medical reports and their interpretation. You can enter the results by hand or take a picture of the report and capture the results using a text recognition process. This function is currently available for reports in English, German, French and Arabic.

Once the results have been introduced or acquired, the app provides an explanation of their meaning and, thanks to them, enriches the user’s profile in order be more precise and punctual in suggesting advice on one’s own health.

Medicus integrates with Apple Watch so you can read the vital parameters it detects, including your heart rate.

In conclusion, the app has the function of a tutor who accompanies and follows users in the protection and care of their health. It was developed by doctors and is based on over 120,000 guidelines from over 1,500 different sources.

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