Measuring glucose through saliva

Source: iQ Global Group

iQ Group Global, an Australian consortium of financial services and life sciences companies, presented at the end of January its Saliva Glucose Biosensor, an innovative technology for measuring glucose through saliva.

The Saliva Glucose Biosensor includes the Glucose Biosensor unit and an app. The Glucose Biosensor Unit is a small disposable strip that, when exposed to an individual’s saliva, immediately provides a glucose measurement presented via an app on the patient’s smartphone.

The Saliva Glucose Biosensor was invented by Professor Paul Dastoor and his team at the Centre of Organic Electronics at the University of Newcastle in Australia. iQ Group Global acquired the biosensor technology in 2016 and accelerated its development for diagnostic applications.

The heart of the biosensor’s scientific innovation lies in the patented architecture of modified organic thin-film transistors, which incorporate glucose oxidase (GOX) as a recognition element to initiate an electrochemical reaction that produces an electrical signal.

The biosensor is highly sensitive and has a linear glucose detection capability at concentrations 100 times lower than current blood measurement methods.

iQ Group Global is currently working on a pilot research and development program with the University of Newcastle to expand the diagnostic test of saliva glucose and develop a platform of Point of Care Diagnostic Tests beginning with tumor markers, hormones and communicable diseases.

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