A task force to improve UK Hospitals


A network of professionals in healthcare transformation launched an initiative to support public and private hospitals to enhance security, efficiency and care experience.

Named Transforming Healthcare Consultancy (THC), the team will supply services to ameliorate the healthcare offer, the change management and the digital transformation. The THC team is composed of different competences with more than 150 years of NHS and is aimed to offer healthcare operators a flexible mode to access talents in order to sustain change/improvement programs and projects.

The THC is considered a leader specialist of chemical analytical laboratory transformation, being involved in 70% of IT system implementation for LIMS in UK during the last years.
The supplied services range from the retrospective validation of existing systems to plans for systems replacement, while the support level vary from a soft approach to the complete production of documents and tests supporting the process.

THC has now expanded its services; many of them are available on G-Cloud 10 government framework and Digital Outcomes and Specialist, which embrace:

  • Strategy and involvement: strategic development, stakeholder involvement, provisioning, contracts revision, business case production;
  • Operational management: program and project management, technical support, training and development
  • Digital transformation: IT change management, system validation, system implementation, integration, designing of technical solutions.

An essential value for THC is to share the team great experience and knowledge in order to help as many as possible professionals of healthcare sector to realize successful transformation projects. Useful tools and free models, in addition to suggestions and in-depth analysis for anyone works at enhance healthcare services or on digital transformation, are available online (http://www.transhealthco.co.uk).

The idea of a consortium made by digital healthcare experienced professionals is very interesting since permits to transfer and diffuse competence inside the healthcare organisations, so accelerating the implementation times while reducing mistakes.

It would be a very useful approach to follow in other countries too. In Italy, for example, where the necessary skills are not always available, and the IT projects often result ineffective with scarce results.

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