FHIR release 5 roadmap

It is available the roadmap of the HL7 FHIR new version. Let’s see what the main novelties are.

Here are the main objectives:

  • Moving more content to formal Normative status
  • Further improving the support for publishing implementation guides
  • Adding additional content in newly developing domains
  • Improving support for applications using multiple FHIR releases seamlessly, and also multi-language support and federated servers
  • Adding new facilities for migrating data to and from v2 messages and CDA documents
    Besides, the community will continue to develop the adjunct specifications for FHIR – SMART App Launch, CDS Hooks, FHIRCast, CQL, CQL, Bulk Data and others.

The expected implementations will lead to better processes in healthcare:

  • Use of Smart App Launch, FHIRCast and combinations of the FHIR and DicomWeb stacks to lead to better imaging related workflows
  • Build in on initial Public Health collaborations to further improve bio-surveillance and morbidly/mortality reporting
  • Improved integration around prior authorization and financial processes
  • Finalise detailed genomic reporting specifications, and develop processes to integrate translational science into operational healthcare
  • Provide access to the complete medical record for a patient

Considering that the normal development cycle is about 20 months, so R5 would be expected to be published in Q3 2020.
Following resources are expected to be brought to normative status for FHIR R5 (the list is indicative):

  • AllergyIntolerance
  • AuditEvent
  • CareTeam
  • Claim
  • ClaimResponse
  • ConceptMap
  • Condition
  • Consent
  • CoverageEligibiltyRequest
  • CoverageEligibilityResponse
  • Device
  • DiagnosticReport
  • DocumentReference?
  • Encounter
  • ExplanationOfBenefit
  • ImagingStudy
  • ImplementationGuide
  • Location
  • Medication
  • MedicationRequest
  • MedicationStatement
  • Organization
  • PaymentNotice
  • PaymentReconciliation
  • Practitioner
  • PractitionerRole
  • Procedure
  • Provenance
  • Questionnaire
  • QuestionnaireResponse
  • SearchParameter
  • Subscription
  • VisionPrescription

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