The Electronic Medical Record becomes smart with the clinical dashboards

After discussing on widget, I would continue the reflections and suggestions on how to realise a smart EMR.

EMRs include a range of basic functions to insert and visualize information, like as measurements, therapy, laboratory results, observations and valuations. There are also dedicated pages, often obtained by means of configurators of drawing integrated tools, which can realise special forms.

The basic functions are independent from the clinic context and use the same treatment to particular information (class), with an approach of “data neutrality”. To be adapted to different characteristics (unit of measure, scale, survey range, etc.) they are the result of a compromise among different needs.

To maximise the EMR efficiency and make it smarter, the design and realization of clinic dashboards are suggested, able to supply doctors with an integrated and specialized picture of information for specific contexts, like as heart, respiratory system, the diabetes and so on.

Those dashboards can be composed of widget, graphs, values lists, tables, icons or graphic indicators, buttons. In the heart dashboard, for example, you can have a graph for the cardiac frequency, the blood pressure, the last EKG, a list of cardiac scores (as CK or CPK, LDH, AST), a table with main risk factors (smoke, weight, cholesterol, …) and so on.

Threshold values could be associated to the dashboard, defined through formulas which can include different kind of data and the actions to do when overtaken, as the visualisation of message, the tests order execution, the change of a therapy.

The dashboards can be manually activated or available, on doctor’s demand or when some clinical conditions occur (i.e. at the diagnosis addition). From those you can generate a document HL7 CDA (Pathology Summary) to feed the Electronic Health Record (EHR) or to be printed or sent via email.

The dashboards could be very useful either in the treatment of acute pathologies and the integrated management of chronic pathologies for territory specialists and general practitioners. In addition to the hospital clinic record, they could be located at EHR level, as viewer of the Pathology Summary.

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