Manifesto for the Value-Based Digital Healthcare. Let’s design the healthcare of tomorrow

The healthcare digital transformation should be aimed to create value for all stakeholder. This is the reason why it shall be based on key principles to define a path for its promotion and success.

Here is a first list of its characteristics, principles and concepts I would share with you.

  1. Inclusivity – The Value Based Digital Healthcare (VBDHC) shall concern all healthcare stakeholders, understand and represent their points of view, their needs and interests. The VBDHC development shall be open to everyone desires contributing to improve healthcare and community wellness.
  2. Multidimensional – The VBDHC shall include knowledge, experience and methodology of different sectors of science and technology. Technology is only one of resources necessary to realise a digital transformation able to create value.
  3. Training – To develop the VBDHC a great engagement on training is mandatory, in order to build together a set of multi-professional competences, in common with all stakeholders, which a value digital innovation can be built on.
  4. Aim – The VBDHC shall create value for the community – i.e. for healthcare system, citizens, sector operators and suppliers – by optimising the processes and developing new helpful models.
  5. Cost-benefits estimate – The VBDHC shall foresee a costs-benefits estimate for each project to be realized, regardless the financing mode. Whichever the reason determining the birth of a project, it is necessary to compare costs and benefits to define and maximise its value.
  6. Active participation – To create value in accordance to the VBDHC, all actors directly or indirectly involved in the projects shall be engaged. The active participation is the prerequisite to aggregate those competences, experiences and intelligences necessary to innovate creating value.
  7. Feasibility and sustainability – The VBDHC depends on solutions to finance the value innovation and permit its future sustainability. The creation of innovative financing models shall be an essential part of the research for VBDHC development.
  8. Ethic – The VBDHC, either for its scope and the realization modes, shall respect ethical criteria, laws and sector regulations. Correctness, transparency and security are essential ethic principles of VBDHC.

Do you agree with these principles? Something to add? Are you interested in working together to design the digital innovation of a value-based healthcare?
Did I stimulate your curiosity enough? If yes, let me have your comments and suggestions!

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