The Electronic Medical Record that doctors would like to have


I received a lot of comments, but unfortunately not posted on the blog, about two articles recently published “Look into my eyes: how EMR affect the doctor-patient relationship” and “doctor app and the cyberchondria“. I thanks Roberto Silverio for let me notice as the two themes are connected, showing me two video extremely interesting.

In the first video, releted to a demo, shows a clinic portal used by a doctor during his call with a patient (the technology is the same of an app mentioned in the article). To be noticed the use of the vocal recognition and the extrapolation from the conversation, of the medical terms which go to enrich the EMR.

The second video shows the functioning of the knowledge base and how this operates to determine a diagnosis, through the probability calculation on the base of patient answers.

It is very interesting, isn’t it? The EMR that every doctor would like to have not only resolves the problem of its filling up, it shall also have other functions too. Of this we’ll speak in a next post.

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